Here at 4x4 Fabrication we love the versatility of the mighty Cummins engine. Because they make their automotive diesel engines for no one particular vehicle, the engines work great in all types of applications. We have the skills and knowledge to repower your vehicle and provide you with the complete Cummins engine swap of your dreams.

With the right engine your vehicle can have a second life. So many people look to repower their current diesel trucks because stock engines let them down. Now you have the option to put a Cummins in your truck and have everything function better than the original engine. Maybe you want to give your vehicle an increase in efficiency and torque for towing, or you just want that extra horsepower - the list of reasons to want diesel power is growing and those reasons for making the switch are wide and varied.


We favour the 5.9L 12V Cummins 6BT. A highly desirable 12V engine platform that is simplistic in nature with respectable performance characteristics. A long stroke and undersquare bore-to-stroke ratio produce great low end performance, producing peak torque at a mere 1,600 rpm. Although the 6BT tips the scales at a hefty 498.5kgs, its cast iron block and cylinder head contributes to the engine's superior reputation with regard to reliability and longevity.


We have also developed a conversion engine crossmember that make installing any Cummins engine a bolt-in procedure. All our mounts are cut from mild steel plate and jigwelded for a precise fit. The mounts are fully adjustable allowing for a custom fit.


We would recommend a full overhaul of running gear to support your engine conversion. We can help with intake/exhausts, tuning, larger injectors, intercoolers, turbo chargers, brakes and much more.

To find out how we can help you achieve the best possible conversion, tailored for your particular vehicle, contact us today.

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